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Osbon Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump

Use of an erectile dysfunction vacuum pump remains one of the most popular and effective methods of treating impotence. A leading medical equipment distributor, Henry Ford Health Products, carries a reliable, high-quality selection of erectile dysfunction pump supplies at the online prices you're looking for.

Ordering through Henry Ford Health Products offers the following benefits:

Whether you are looking for a prescription or non-prescription erectile dysfunction pump, or other related equipment that can aid in enhancing performance and endurance, we encourage you to view all of our quality products online today.

Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump Benefits

Osbon Manual Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Also known as vacuum therapy, an erectile dysfunction pump is a preferred way for many men to treat impotence. An erectile dysfunction vacuum pump uses a practical system of manual stimulation that is completely non-invasive, drug-free and safe for almost all patients to use, including those who have conditions that may include poor blood flow, diabetes, surgery for prostate or colon cancer, or even psychological issues such as anxiety or depression. And unlike other treatments for impotence, the side effects of using an erectile dysfunction pump will typically only extend to sensitivity after the first few initial times of use, and are not dangerous to the health of the user.

An erectile dysfunction pump can help to achieve and maintain erection. An erectile dysfunction vacuum pump works by using a cylinder and a pump which create a vacuum to increase blood flow and help the penis become erect, while an included retaining band/constriction ring helps to maintain the erection.

Men who can achieve an initial erection may not need an erectile dysfunction pump. Instead, consider one of our ring kits for helping to preserve blood flow and increase endurance.

Over 100 million men worldwide suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction (ED). With the advice of a doctor, ED can often be successfully treated and use of an erectile dysfunction pump remains a popular, non-invasive and cost-effective option for treatment. At Henry Ford Health Products, we encourage you to seek the advice of a professional physician to determine whether or not an erectile dysfunction pump could help you increase your quality of life.

Medicare Coverage for an Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Medicare will often help cover purchase of an erectile dysfunction pump. A Medicare provider, Henry Ford Health Products is happy to submit both assisted and non-assisted claims on your behalf for any internet order of an erectile dysfunction pump or related supplies.

For comprehensive details on Medicare policies, please view our Medicare FAQs. Please note that Henry Ford Health Products also accepts payment via commercial insurance for customers in the State of Michigan.

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