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Make your home a safer place with adult bathroom safety supplies from Henry Ford Health Products. Bathrooms are narrow spaces that can be difficult to maneuver in, but our quality safety products can help make sinks, tubs, and commodes easier and safer to access.

Shop our online store to find a reliable tub transfer bench or handicap shower chair, as well as other bathroom safety products to help ensure safe daily living activities.

Benefits of ordering through Henry Ford Health Products:

  • Large selection of bathroom safety products
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Whether you are looking for a bathtub rail, a tub transfer bench, raised toilet seat or a handicap shower chair, Henry Ford Health Products is your source for high-quality, low-priced bathroom safety supplies.

Product Spotlight: Tub Transfer Bench

Tub Transfer Bench

Getting safely in and out of the bathtub can be a difficult challenge for people with physical limitations. While easy-grip bars are always recommended to help maintain balance, occasionally more assistance may be required. A tub transfer bench is a good option to help ensure getting in and out of the tub is as safe as possible.

Specially designed to extend beyond the edge of the bathtub, a tub transfer bench allows people to safely and easily navigate between the exterior and interior of the tub. A tub transfer bench should be equipped with a comfortable seat that allows the user to remain seated throughout the bathing process. For additional support, you may also want to consider a tub transfer bench that is equipped with an arm rail.

Other features to keep in mind when purchasing any tub transfer bench are size and weight capacity, as well as additional comfort amenities, such as which type of seat you prefer. Whatever your needs, at Henry Ford Health Products, we can help you locate a tub transfer bench that's suitable for you.

Product Spotlight: Handicap Shower Chair

Care-Guard Handicap Shower Chair

While a tub transfer bench can be useful for getting in and out of the tub, a convenient handicap shower chair may be a better option for some users, particularly those whose bathrooms are equipped with a standing shower instead of a bathtub.

A handicap shower chair provides extra support, comfort and stability for those with physical limitations that make it impractical for them to remain standing throughout the entire shower. At Henry Ford Health Products, we provide many different options for improving bathroom safety with a handicap shower chair.

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